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Local Pick Up

  • Holt, Norfolk, UK

Local Pick Up

  • Ramsey, Cambs, UK


  • David Lincoln

    "I have enjoyed olives in cooking for over 40 years; but all fade into insignificance compared with ‘The Oil Tree Company’ olives.  We particularly like the black olives as they bring a zing of taste sensation to our pizzas.  They are also the largest olives I have eaten." 

    David Lincoln

  • Anna & Louis de Soissons

    "Everything from The Oil Tree is fantastic-
    The kalamata olives are the best that we have tasted - fleshy and full of flavour, you can just  imagine that  you are sitting in the sun with the cicadas clicking nearby.
    The olive oil is just delicious especially with a hunk of bread dipped into It.
    Balsamic vinegar is rich and yummy. This is so much better than the average shop bought balsamic.
    The honey is to die for, you can taste the wild thyme.
    The Oil Tree is a wonderful company and everything is made and sold with care and passion from a small artisan producer with their own olive groves."

    Anna & Louis de Soissons

  • Gail, London

    "Have loved the oil and olives from The Oil Tree, and now am trying their Cream and Balm. Cream has lovely texture and leaves skin feeling really smooth for ages. Balm smells wonderful and is good for lips and to help healing on cuts and bruises - tried it on a cut and it’s really soothing! Great products in stylish containers."

    Gail, London