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Our Story

KALIMERA! (Good Day!)


After years of travelling in and around Greece, Jerry Cox, a tree surgeon and a sailor bought a small derelict olive farm back in 2000, located in the south-western Peloponnese near a town called Methoni. 

Over the next several years while working in Bermuda he met his future wife Lexi.  In 2003 they started traveling frequently to Greece restoring the olive farm, and as time went on purchased more olive groves. 


In 2008 they moved to Greece full time. It was during this time they met and became good friends with Natassa Kouretta, who was a neighbouring olive farmer. A partnership was formed.

Natassa was born and raised in Athens and at the age of twenty-five she decided to move to Pidassos, near Methoni. This is her father's village where she spent her childhood summers playing and running throughout the olive groves.

Natassa inherited the olive groves from her father who left her with knowledge to care for them. The olive groves have been in her family for five generations.

The premise for The Oil Tree Co. was when Jerry and Lexi moved from Greece back to Jerry's hometown in the UK. On their return they bought with them a vast amount of olive oil and olives for their own personal use and gifting to friends. Quality olives and olive being difficult to find in the UK, it wasn't long before friends began asking for more.

They consulted with Natassa. They brainstormed together and created the name, logo, and a brand identity. As a result The Oil Tree Co. was established with the vision to produce the best possible olive oil, olives, and olive products to share the experience of Greece.

As the pandemic hit in 2020 Natassa decided to follow her love of cosmetics. As a result she has been able to incorporate her love and generational experience with olive oil and cosmetics to create creams, balms, body oils, and soaps. She has also been able to use local herbs which grow amongst the olive trees to blend in her creations making 100% pure organic products.

The Groves

The olive farm is an estate situated in the coastal town of Methoni in the south-western Peloponnese region of Greece. It's an area of outstanding beauty and is home to a vibrant olive industry. 

The olive oil and olives of this region are well known for their high quality and are appreciated worldwide. The famous Kalamata olive from this region, is regarded as one of the best eating olives available. 

The Koroneiki olives grown in this region are recognised as one of the best oil producing olives in the world, which provides us with the outstanding quality of our olive oil. 

Our olives are harvested by hand and processed locally. We take great pride in our farm, our olives, our olive oil, and all our other products. 

We invite you to share the taste of The Oil Tree with us.